Where would you go?

While continuing to separate what is to move with us and what is not I have been going through books. I have so many books and some I refuse to part with. Some I will be sad to lose but will recover.

While doing this I came across the book “If…(questions for the Game of Life) by Evelyn McFarland & James Saywell. This book is really fun to use to spark your imagination and your thinking. Today I pulled out “If you had to choose one country in the world other than the United States to become the only superpower of the twenty-first century, which country would you pick?”

Which would you choose?

Wow! in the midst of all that is going on a really interesting question. I have recently asked myself if I wanted to live somewhere else where would it be? The politics, anger, violence, attitudes and management of covid has made me to question this country. When I read the question I had to seriously consider. Is there any country whose moral ethos and government functions would I trust with my life? That is so hard. Over the last 6 months or so I have often said I would like to move to Holland or Sweden or Finland, Not having lived there I really can’t gauge how it would be. More recently covid has made me wonder about New Zealand. They have certainly responded to covid with caring for each other.

What do you think? Is there any place you would pick?

7 thoughts on “Where would you go?

  1. I think we are relatively fortunate to live in Canada, but I would probably look at the countries you noted. Sweden might be a bit too progressive for me. Just from what I have read.


      1. The USA does seem to be more intense (especially under your current leader) but I think it always has been. In Canada it is harder to get that wound up when we are frozen for half the year.


  2. There is no other place I would want to be!! Does that mean I would not LOVE a cozy place in Italy to escape to? NO, but I would not want to live there. I will leave you with one thought. With all the ugliness that has permeated my catholic church over the years, I would never abandon it because I am there for the man on the cross; because the “church” should never be confused with the faith. The man on the alter or occupying the Seat of Peter is just that-a man. It is so important to look beyond the flawed, sick, selfish, or self-serving individuals with personal agendas and remain focused on the tenets that we hold dear to our hearts.
    Thank you for asking and thank you for allowing me to indulge. xoxo Regina


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