Help needed for everyone

Not just the uninsured…everyone has problems. The doctors seldom talk or agree.

Anyone who has a major or chronic healthcare problem and has to manage their day to day care must be stressed out. I have been managing my husbands care and I am a nurse and have been a case manager (one who handles these kinds of problems) and it is about to drive me into insanity.

This week the IV medication that he receives every 12 hours didn’t arrive and I spent hours on the phone trying to get that fixed. The provider messed up and we didn’t get meds until 1pm today totally ruining his schedule and having him miss a dose of needed medicine.

Then I spent the rest of the day organizing the medicine and care he is to receive following the stopping of the IV meds and had doctors bouncing it between them each saying it is not their job. The medical system has totally fallen apart. Too many doctors with specialties and each one not considering the whole person.

I am grateful that I will be getting him in to see my own primary physician who is wonderful. I am hoping that this will create some harmony in his care and take some of the burden off me. I really don’t know how those with no experience in health care can manage the care of their loved one. I am not surprised to see that some nurses are opening their own business as patient advocates. It is really needed. Heaven help those who don’t have someone to help.

6 thoughts on “Help needed for everyone

  1. I fort a hospital, instead of 5 hours in the ER, due to their incompetence he stayed in 3 days. Only got him home because i insisted they took him of the drip, when he was eating regular meals. I got the hospital co pays back apart from the ER one that I was happy to pay


  2. I agree with you – what’s desperately needed is to have one doctor oversee all the patient’s specialists and put it all in perspective for the patient and family. It’s very hard otherwise.


  3. I couldn’t agree with you more on this one. I had a crash course in this when I cared for my daddy. I don’t know how they expect the elderly or medically fragile patient to navigate this mess. Thank heaven he has you.


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