More planning and changes to come

Yard work today. Cutting back jasmine which if not watched carefully will take over the world. Then pulling vines and pruning Azaleas. As it is hot outside I worked early but still got overheated as usual. A wonderful cool-cold shower made me feel great.

Doing something productive really helps to lighten my mood. It gives a real sense of accomplishment. It is also great exercise.

Since I have been struggling against boredom I have picked up my guitar and am relearning and also toughening up my fingers. I had forgotten how much fun it is to play and sing. I am not sure anyone would want to hear it as (at soon 80) my voice is not what it was but I don’t care. I’m doing it for me.

Life is blending into some sort of pattern. I am not sure what since we will need to move when we can. Age is catching up with us and we are not able to keep a big yard and do all the repairs on the house like we used to. It is logical for us to do this before we are stuck and our children will have to take care of us. Since Hap is getting so much better there will be fun things we can do somewhere less physically demanding. It is time to relax more, explore new things and enjoy each other.

3 thoughts on “More planning and changes to come

  1. We live in a development where landscaping is included in our maintenance fees. They take the Jasmine back too far, and use the weed wacker to cut just above the roots. Bare wire fence because of them.


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