Through this whole crisis I have stayed away from the news. It is so biased. It seems there is no real news anymore only opinion…so totally intolerant. It reminded me of this quote.

Toleration is good for all, or it is good for none. Edmund Burke, speech, House of Commons, 1773


How intolerant everyone is. The whole country is so divided and so one sided. There is no longer a middle ground. I have talked about this before. I am a moderate. I am part of a dying group. To be moderate we have to be willing to listen to someone else’s opinion. We don’t have to accept it but we should be able to talk without rancor. There could be the chance that we would learn something new. It is sad that many people are unable to hold a discussion without getting angry or upset.

tolerance world peace

We can’t pick and choose who we choose to tolerate. That is not tolerance. Being tolerant by being socially correct is also not tolerance. It is false. Our acceptance of others has to come from something deeper. It is found in seeing the human being inside and seeing that we are the same deep down.

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