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IMG_3395This weekend has been hectic. We had the baptism (at my home) of my great-grandson Karter. It was all very last minute and crazy to arrange. Fortunately we made it This is something I wanted to see but doing it has been another challenge. I’m not going to go into all the chaos surrounding it.

Those of who go to some churches baptize babies and then they do confirmation at a later age when they can affirm what it means to them. Someone once asked a minister friend how we could baptize babies… that they didn’t understand and his response was “do you?’

I found this response to be so profound. No matter when we are baptized I doubt that we get the full enormity of it. We may never get it fully.


Each denomination or faith has it’s own rituals and beliefs. That is so important. We should not make judgments about people based on their belief system.  We all do too much judging. I have family members who have vastly different ideas and who occasionally view them and affront others. It is so annoying to me. I have my own views but I have no desire to throw them out in order to get a rise out of others. I guess I just want harmony especially when it is a special family event.


water wears

It is so easy to hurt other’s and usually not necessary. Most of us have suffered hurts of our own and know how bad it feels. Our concern for others can be an example even if those around us never get it. Eventually, water wears away stone.

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  1. I feel the same way. I think that God has a place for everyone and does not want us to consume ourselves in arguments over differences in religious doctrine. It reminds me of the time He was chastised for “working” on the Sabbath and He reminded Him that the Sabbath was made for man – not the other way around. So many things we debate are actually things Jesus created to promote peace and promote healthy lifestyles NOT dissension and we spend time arguing over them.

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  2. I was baptized as a baby and of course dont remember it. My husband was baptized in his 30s. I dont know what is right or wrong, but I think either way baptism is a great thing! Congrats

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