Flash Fiction Challenge –the Mirror

Challenge from the Fractured Faith Blog.

The window of the train reflects my image like a mirror. It is not the same image I saw before I left home. This image is distorted and out of focus. So is my life. Yesterday was the end of “me.” I have no framework for my life now. It all ended in the mirror. I watched it break as my husband shattered it with his hand. He missed me and hit the mirror. The shock of it make him back away and look at his hand. Blood was seeping from the small cuts. He turned, walked from the room. I heard the creak on the stairs as he headed downstairs and out the door. My shock over the last few moments left me sitting just staring at the mirror. The reflection in the glass was as broken as was my life. I knew it was over and moving on was my only choice. Now I look out the window on the train and know that the distortion is my life now. I drop the train ticket from my hand. It’s over.

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