Our gifts

You have a gift only you can give the world–that’s the whole reason you’re on the planet. —–Oprah Winfrey


I really like this quote but it can cause us to worry. What in the world is my gift? Once I taught an adult class about using your spiritual gifts. Most of the people in the class immediately had problems because they couldn’t see that they had any gift.

Too often we think of gifts as being able to paint or play an instrument or publish a novel. We feel small and of little consequence. We feel guilty that we can’t figure out what our gift is. This kind of thinking makes us feel useless.

I have a friend whose daughter has Down’s Syndrome. I am sure that most people would not see her as gifted but each time I see her she has the most beautiful smile. Her smile brightens the world. She has a gift and she shares it.

shineI read many blogs where people share their fears and weaknesses. This is a gift. Their sharing brings hope and help to others.

Don’t hunt for your gift. You already have it you just may not know what it is….and you may never know. But others will benefit from it.

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