Patience? Really?

patience 1We have weathered Irma and are more or less back to normal. Our son, daughter-in-law and kids have been with us for two days since they still had no power. They left tonight and it is nice to feel back to normal.

The time spent in the last week has made me realize just how attached we are to routine. when we are forced out of our normal pattern we become (at least in my case) anxious and disoriented. I like my routine…especially in the morning. If something disrupts that then nothing seems to go well the whole day.

There are so many times that we are tested by circumstances beyond out control. Life definitely does not always run smoothly. It is the changes that challenge us. We have to adapt to the new circumstances like it or not. The thing is that adaptation takes time and we want things to be good immediately. Our society has expectations of everything being done RIGHT NOW!

At one time I worked for a group of pediatricians and a sick child would be given a prescription in the morning and in the afternoon the mother would call and want to know why the child wasn’t well. (absolutely true story.. and it didn’t happen just once.)

peacefulWe need to relearn patience….the ability to let things resolve in their own time. Life doesn’t run on our schedule. We cannot expect instant gratification.

Learn to sit and wait.