Making Change is Slow


Today change feels like a snail. It seems that change requires adding on more things than the things I let go of. Continuing meditation using echo with command open stop breathe and think has been a big help. Just having someone else direct the meditation is such a bonus and seems to make actually meditating more accessible. This is an excellent guide and one I would easily recommend to anyone.

Some of the data on anxiety says that some people have situational anxiety. This has been an eye opener for me and I am sure that this is what afflicts many people. For those of us with this it is amazing how many problems we can easily manage with very little stress but just add the situation that triggers us and we can quickly go off the rails. It seems that understanding and identifying the trigger would make discussion with a counselor be of greater benefit with more results.

One thought on “Making Change is Slow

  1. Today I went off the rails I think mainly because I have been under external stress factors for some months. I unwittingly angered someone who decided to lecture me but would not let me respond to explain. He said I was listening to myself talk. (I think is a new way of turning the discussion around to his advantage..I have heard it somewhere)He insulted me by saying if I were smarter I would have done thus and so. This hit a nerve, and we ended up, shouting. I retreated and begged my husband to intervene which he did in a very placid way. This person wants to control, and it very important to him to maintain old traditions. He wants his way, but he does not want to lose touch with family. I feel he takes advantage of his father’s age, and I am aware of it. I am not used to being manipulated, and I don’t like discord and try to be considerate of everyone if I can. I need to find a way to deal with this in a peaceful way. Praying helps.


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