To be vaccinated or to not be vaccinated

Some may find this post against their beliefs and I beg forgiveness if my thoughts are offensive to anyone. This is the post of an 81 year old nurse whose grandmother was blind due to measles. As a young girl her life was changed forever. It is evident to me that we have lost many wonderful people in the last few years due to their fear and reluctance to be vaccinated. It hurts to see their lives cut short. Know that I respect that others have a right to their own beliefs.

Today I read the most incredible article in the New York Times. It is about the growth of the anti-vaccination trend. It is titled “The Anti-Vaccine Movement’s New Frontier.” The article shows that those who previously were concerned about vaccines causing autism were started by a English doctor whose study was not scientifically done and studied only 12 children. This number is not a base for conclusions.

Obviously data from this study was disseminated without any scrutiny and was actually funded by a lawyer wanting data for a lawsuit against the vaccine company. Beginning with this misinformation many parents were afraid for their children. The fear of this continues.

There was already a background for fear of vaccines when covid appeared on the horizon and questions about mandates for vaccines brought the whole issue into the political arena. With other issues under debate including gun laws it was easy to link into this and let it be part of human rights.

The problem now is that with many choosing to not be vaccinated or vaccinate their children and politics finding ways to enlarge it all we may be looking at epidemics of diseases we considered controlled by vaccinations. Outbreaks have been reported in recent years with children…some dying. This is a frightening thought. Propaganda is a viable weapon.

Our nation is so divided over many, many issues and we are ripe for believing disinformation of any kind. God help us.

4 thoughts on “To be vaccinated or to not be vaccinated

  1. I am very much for people’s having the freedom to make their own decisions about their health, so I am not an “anti-vaxxer” or one who wants everyone forced to get injected. I know there are many who have died (of or with?) the virus. But statistically the death rate is low. I also know many people have had tragic results (from or after?) getting the shot. But statistically those cases are (so far) relatively rare, too. So the risk for either choice is low – too low for the hysteria and rage that’s tearing apart friendships, families, and our nation. I believe the real danger is in turning this issue into a civil war, or letting a government (ours or a one world government) take over every personal decision in our Iives.


  2. i totally agree with you on this, and as a pediatric nurse, ive seen first hand how it( covid) can affect children( passed to them through parents and caretakers usually).I’m not saying young children should get this vaccine, but i do believe those caring for them should. If only more people could be on the front lines for a day…it’s a bit like claiming we don’t need seat belts because we drove for how long without them. idk…hard to take a hardline opinion though..everyone has such differing situations.

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  3. I also grew up in the days when people’s lives were prematurely ended or forever changed due to outbreaks of diseases that have been all but eradicated by vaccines. Until there is a better option, I can’t imagine why anyone would refuse any vaccine now that is recommended by health officials. 🤷

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