The Opioid Epidemic — rachelmankowitz

Recently, the media has been filled with glee around the guilt of the Sackler family (Purdue Pharma) in the origins of the Opioid Epidemic. I have no interest in arguing on their behalf, because the avarice and lack of compassion in their decisions is obvious and really not up for debate. But it interested […]

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The Depth Of My Pride — Unshakable Hope – An amazing family who deserves help

As the followers of my blog know, I’ve had ALS for twenty-two years, I’m completely paralyzed and unable to speak. I use an eye-tracking computer to communicate and I am totally reliant on Mary to take care of me. Chipping away at my pride I remember when I first started having to rely on others […]

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Break Free From The Stimulation Nation *NEW POST* — MakeItUltra™

By Dr. Perry, PhD “I believe people are afraid to be still because we’re used to being stimulated.” ~Michael W. Smith When was the last time you sat alone in silence without anything or anyone to distract you? For many of us, it is difficult to be alone without something to entertain us or to […]

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Dread du jour — Eric Tonningsen’s Awakening to Awareness – great post

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important.” ~ Ambrose Redmoon I went online today to do some research. I figured mainstream news feeds might have the data I sought. What an ugly mistake. For readers unaware, I don’t watch television/cable, nor do I read newspapers […]

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Handle with care — Kari-ing On— this is an excellent post

I have never given much thought to the power that words and actions can have on one’s mental state. But as of recently, things that people have done for me or said to me have changed my outlook on my whole day (either good or bad). I know I need to depend on the hope […]

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My Declaration — Mitch Teemley

This is wonderful. Please go see the video.

(See below for video) Who doesn’t love fireworks? As a kid, I loved to watch things burn. No, I wasn’t a pyromaniac. Just a boy. (Is there a difference?) I’d douse my old model planes in lighter fluid and stage air disasters. I’d cheer as the latest latex-suited monster attacked Tokyo (who knew that not […]

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