Abuse is always wrong

Lakota Woman

I recently read a book called “Lakota Woman” by Mary Crow Dog. This was an eye opener. Canada showed up in the news this year for abuses done to native children in their past. They have even instituted a new day of remembrance called National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. This day is to honor and mourn those affected by the treatment of indigenous peoples.

In the US there has never been any major acknowledgement of the many atrocities visited on our own native population. I was unaware of many of the things done and the book made me angry that we have never done anything to set this right.

We were invaders in their territory and greedily grabbed their land and moved them onto reservations that are barely able to support life. We took their children and subjected them to the same kind of abuses that showed up recently in Canada.

We have spent years recognizing the wrongs done to those who were brought here in slavery but have done nothing about our “First Nations” population. We need to learn and hear more of the abuses focused on these people. We need to address the wrongs that have resulted in them being considered “lesser” citizens and change our image of their culture and history.

The stories of these abuses need to be bannered in our news service, taught in schools and our past evils brought to light. There are holidays for others in this country. We need to do the same for “First Nations.”

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  1. It is terrible what has been done in the name of ‘civilizing’ our country. Today was a day for recognizing all of the missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada. It is inconceivable.


  2. yes, it is unbelievable that it has taken this long for it to become a nationwide news subject even though the native nations have pushed for something to be done for many decades.Several of our relatives were found. My own tribe has been involved recently with a similar situation going on in a cemetery in Kentucky where the school board has claimed rights to it somehow and is intent on digging up and relocating 19 of our ancestors- to unmarked graves at that. This stuff has gone on for hundreds of years, and the only time in my lifetime i have seen anything making news headlines is this boarding school travesty and back when standing rock was an issue ( p.s. it still is but hardly anyone seems to care anymore). This will likely just be another news “trend” and sadly , people will forget about it after awhile. No reparations have ever been made and stuck to…We are truly the forgotten people.

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  3. p.s. “last Thursday, Sept. 30, on a day when Indigenous peoples across North America commemorated multiple generations of stolen children, the Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding School Policies in the United States Act was reintroduced by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) in the Senate, with a House version of the bill introduced by the Co-Chairs of the Congressional Native American Caucus, Rep. Sharice Davids (D-KS) and Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK).”Octiber 3, 2021 edition of Native News Online


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