The continuing saga

For some reason it has been very hard for me to write. It is as if my brain has gone on vacation. In some ways it worries me. Has all this stuff over the last year changed my ability to think? It is a scary thought. One that is particularly frightening one for me. I have worked with families who are suffering through family members with dementia and their pain is great. I hope as things settle I will feel more myself.

I hope that it will only be a few weeks before I more to my next destination. It will be so wonderful to feel that I can plant my feet and settle into a home. The apartment is being worked on at this time and I can move as soon as the work is done.

I have been trying to get some things cleaned up and sorted for the move. That means sorting my husband’s things and deciding what to let go and what to keep. It is going well with some moments of sadness.

Hopefully I will get back to my regular writing schedule in the near future and actually have something interesting to say.

15 thoughts on “The continuing saga

      1. I have kept a the England ones I bought him, all the US Marines ones his daughter sent him. I also have around a dozen FOE ones with his name, and WPP on them.


  1. ive been having trouble writing as well. I dont know how to describe it..not exactly apathy, kind of a deep sadness. It seems that many are feeling this as i have noted a lot of my usual posters on here havent been doing so as much. Feels for you with the sadness you must be going through and still sending hugs:)


  2. It will feel so good to have a place to finally call home. Don’t worry about your lack of focus. You have been through so much. Your body is probably saving energy for what is necessary right now. Those creative juices will flow again, I promise. Meanwhile, please take care of yourself.


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