Love just grows

“I have found the paradox. That if you love until it hurts there can be no more hurt. Only more love.” Mother Theresa

To love is a risk. We open ourselves to being hurt. It is scary. Most or us have been hurt at some time and we remember the experience. However, the alternative is to not take the chance and miss out on some of the most wonderful thing in our lives. The truth is that love and loss are part of life. None of us lives forever. Loss is inevitable whether from a death or someone leaving us. Relationships are tricky things and hurts are part of how we learn. The more love we give away the more love we have. Love doesn’t decrease but grows the more we share it.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance. Sharing love is so important that it can’t afford to be missed.

3 thoughts on “Love just grows

  1. Years ago I met a young woman who had isolated herself to job and home and church-on-Sunday because her husband was in school and “J” knew they’d be leaving the community in three years. She didn’t want to put down any roots into relationships, only to pull them up again–accompanied by pain–when it was time to move. Close to the end of those three years, J and her husband were invited to a party for graduates and spouses. She told me they met some wonderful people, and she regretted her decision to hold her heart so close. You are right, Suzanne. We must be open to love in spite of the potential for loss. The alternative is much worse, I think.


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