Drugs and Devices

My husband is scheduled in April for the implantation of a device to prevent clots. This started me thinking about such devices and prescription drugs.

The FDA regulates drugs and devices used in the US. In general this is a good thing but there are some holes in the system.

If a device is very similar to another device it can be approved without as much testing as the original. This can be used by companies to slide in products that have not had the extensive testing required by the original. For example, there is not just one heart valve replacement on the market and they may not all be considered equal.

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There are similar issues with drugs although the problem can present in a different way. Has anyone wondered why the company that raised Insulin prices astronomically was able to do that? A small change in the medication made it able to considered a different drug and was therefore allowed a different patent allowing the price gouging. Insulin was originally given away by its creator in order to help mankind. Look what has happened now.

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We have so many problems with our medical system and these are ones not always at the forefront. If only we could all care about the patient and not all the outliers how wonderful the system could be.

10 thoughts on “Drugs and Devices

  1. I have never heard of an implanted device for preventing blood clots. I’m going to have to look into that. My husband goes through the mill trying to get approval for his diabetic prescriptions, and we have very good insurance.


  2. In Canada, I have to wonder how much consideration is given to the actual effectiveness and safety of a drug or device and how much is based on how friendly the company is with the government regulators. I don’t have much faith in out government departments. They have a lot of authority but not much accountability in my mind.


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